Best Casino Bonus in India 2021

We all love perks – no matter what form they come in! And when it comes to casinos, you receive so many perks through different types of bonuses. If you look into why casinos offer bonuses, it is their advantage – to gain a competitive edge over hundreds of casinos out there. But these bonuses serve to your advantage.

In this post, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about casino bonuses – so read ahead to find out more about the best casino bonus in India!

Types of Casino Bonuses in India

Knowing what precisely the casino is offering under bonuses is essential – because it is one of the critical factors you need to consider when choosing the best online casino to play in. Every casino has its own set of bonuses, and it’s not the same across all. But we have listed out the typical casino bonus types you’ll come across in online casinos out there. The bonus amount varies from one casino to another.

Best Casino Welcome Bonus

The very first bonus you’ll come across when you sign up for any online casino is known as the ‘welcome bonus’ or the ‘signup bonus.’ The terms are used interchangeably, but that does not change the fact that this type of bonus attracts customers to any casino. The bigger the welcome bonus, the higher will be the number of players in the online casino.

The welcome bonus is offered to players who make their first deposit in the casino. It is a large chunk of free money, large enough to get any player excited to play casino games. If you have just signed up, you will be bombarded with different types of bonuses, but you make sure you take full advantage of the welcome bonus, as it is a pretty huge amount.

There are two types of welcome bonuses offered in casinos – either you get a percentage of your deposit or a fixed amount. Irrespective of how they portray it, remember that your welcome bonus always stays a percentage of your deposit. So if the online casino advertises a bonus of ₹10,000, it doesn’t mean you get the entire amount the moment you sign up. You’ll have to deposit a minimum qualifier amount, only after which you become eligible for the welcome bonus.

The qualifier amount typically comes in a range like ‘up to ₹15,000,’ which means the casino bonus caps at ₹15,000. The most significant advantage of a free sign-up bonus is that it comes with low wagering requirements. This increases your probability of winning and securing a bonus.

Best Casino Reload Bonus

Like other bonuses, the purpose of this one is to increase the number of players and help retain memberships. A reload bonus is a standalone bonus and forms part of the welcome bonus. It is typically a percentage of the first deposit you make and can vary from 50 to 150%. In some online casinos, the reload bonus is tied up with free spins offer, making the offer all the more appealing. The bundled offer is usually put forth by casinos that have a massive selection of slot games.

Typically, this bonus is given along with the welcome bonus to the newly signed up players. As a fresh member of the casino, you will get a bonus for every new deposit you make on the website. This offer is valid, sometimes even up to the fifth deposit you make.

You can also become eligible for the bonus depending on your status in the casino. So if you’ve reached a certain level of winning amount or have been a consistent player in the casino, your status in the casino is automatically elevated – and you become eligible to access the reload bonuses. Many online casinos are opting for this system to ensure players stay with them for a long time. The reload bonus incentive works wonders to help retain customers in the online casinos! This also serves as a ‘Thank you Gift’ offered by casinos to their patrons.

Online casinos sometimes offer to reload bonuses to celebrate an event or a holiday – so keep an eye for these bonuses on special days. These types of special reload bonuses are valid for a few days only, so you need to grab the opportunity as soon as you can.

Sometimes, casinos also use reload bonuses to encourage people to reactivate their dead accounts. So don’t be surprised if you receive an email from the casino you once played at a lot. The casino will try their best to get you back into the casino games and reload bonuses work as a great tool for the same.

Reload bonuses, too, are subject to conditions and wagering requirements, just like other types of bonuses. Unfortunately, this also means you cannot withdraw your reload bonus the moment it appears in your account. But that’s not how it works – your reload bonus offer is subject to wagering requirements spanning from 30x to 40x. So before you access the reload bonus, give the terms and conditions a throughout reading.

Best Cashback Bonus

This bonus is unlike other bonuses, where you get the bonus on the amount you deposit. Instead, the cashback bonus works in a reverse way. In this bonus, you get back part of the money you’ve lost over a period of time. So why is it called a bonus then? Simply because it has minimum wagering requirements attached to the amount of cashback.

Just like the welcome bonus, the amount of the cashback bonus varies from casino to casino. There are no fixed rules for the amount of bonus, but the concept is the same everywhere. Also, not all online casinos offer these welcome bonuses. The ones with cashback bonuses provide it on the money you’ve lost over time in the casino.

Take, for example, if you’ve lost around ₹1000 over two weeks, by the end of two weeks, you would be eligible for a cash bonus of 40% on the amount you’ve lost. This means you get ₹400 as a cashback bonus after two weeks are done.

The rules of acquiring this cashback bonus vary for different online casinos. Some offer the cashback bonus directly, whereas others would have some riders. The conditions are like this: You are eligible for a cashback bonus only if you have deposited money without initially claiming any bonus.

The duration, too, varies – some casinos may offer a cashback bonus after a week, whereas some may offer the same after a month. As appealing as cashback bonuses sound, ensure you give the terms and conditions a throughout reading before you actually apply for it.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses, also known as Free Slot bonuses are another type of bonus offered by online casinos. These bonuses work as wonderful promotion tactics to attract new casino players to the online casinos. A no bonus deposit basically works as a free credit and can be used by players to bet on various casino games. In addition, the players can also access a number of prepaid spins on specific slots only.

There are two types of no deposit bonuses – free cash and free spins. Both the bonuses allow casino players to play real casino games for free, but there’s a slight difference between both. Free cash bonuses can be used on any game that is not restricted to the bonus, whereas free spins are tied to specific slots only.

The online casinos don’t really earn anything by offering these bonuses, instead, they are an expense for marketing. The main objective behind the no deposit bonus is to promote the casino, as well as to acquire the contact details of potential casino players. And yes, you guessed it right – these contacts will further be used to market the casino and improve its visibility.

One of the most important conditions of a no deposit bonus is “One Bonus Per Player.” The reason is simple – this bonus is on the casino, and they surely don’t want to waste the bonus by offering it to the same person over again. Don’t even try to use another name to sign up on the casino, as at the time of withdrawal of the bonus, the casino actually verifies your identity. Once your identity is verified, only then can you access and withdraw the bonus amount. These bonuses come with extremely high wagering requirements that can go up to 100x, too! Also, you’ll have to roll over this free credit many times before you actually withdraw it.

Another interesting aspect about no deposit bonuses is that they are offered to residents of particular countries only. Most casino players from Russia or Eastern Europe are pure bonus gatherers, who look for profit without the risk. No deposit bonus is not offered to such countries at all.

Loyalty Points

If you are a regular player at a casino, you immediately become eligible for their loyalty programs. Loyalty points are nothing but a way to reward loyal customers, as well as a great way to retain new ones for longer time periods. So how do these loyalty programs work? Every time you place a bet on any game in an online casino, you get a set of complementary ‘comp’ points. The more you play, the higher your comp points will be. Once you earn enough comp points, you can immediately redeem them for cash.

The loyalty points get converted to loyalty bonuses. As you play your way up the loyalty programs, your VIP status at the casino also shoots up. How to make the most of this loyalty program and get high amounts of loyalty bonuses? Firstly, be a regular player at any given online casino. Next, read their rules about the loyalty program and understand the benefits of joining one.

You will be prompted to join the loyalty program of the online casino the moment you sign up for it. Most casinos offer a percentage of the amount you wager as comp points. So if you wager ₹15000, you get 150 comp points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange it for anything other than cash, too – bonus credits and even prizes.

If the casino you often play for has a tiered loyalty scheme, you have to work your way up to reach specific milestones, after which you become eligible for comp points. Milestones signify how long you have been playing in that particular casino. If you keep rising up the tiered loyalty program, your loyalty bonuses could even be some special treats or gifts, that other players do not have access to! So if you’re planning to grab those loyalty points and the prizes, all you have to do is be consistent and keep playing.

How to choose the best casino bonus

Wagering Requirement

Casinos will rarely offer bonuses for free, that is without any riders. Most of the bonuses offered by online casinos come with wagering requirements. Not that there aren’t casinos offering free bonuses, but finding them is a huge task. Until then you have to make do with the casinos that offered bonuses with specific watering requirements.

The wagering requirement is nothing but the minimum amount of money you have to bet to be eligible for a particular bonus. It is usually on multiples of 20, 30, 50, and even 100. Wagering requirements differ from casino to casino, so again, you have to read the rules to find out more about the specifications.

Wagering requirements also have a time limit, within which you have to complete them. If you aren’t able to do so, you lose out on your winnings. So along with a minimum amount to bet, you are also given a reasonable time duration to complete these requirements to access your winnings.


Expiration date

Every bonus in an online casino comes with an expiry date – so keep an eye on the validity of your bonuses, too! It is a strategy implemented by online casinos to ensure you keep playing to earn more so that you can hit the bonus as soon as possible. But if you haven’t noted the expiration date, you’ll lose out on claiming the bonus, even if you have earned it.

Reading and understanding the rules and terms and conditions is essential before you sign up for any casino. Also, note that the rules are not the same for all casinos – so the rule reading ritual needs to be completed every time you plan to register for an online casino.

Contributing games

Although casinos offer good bonuses, they also restrict the number of games which you can play and place your bets on, to access the rewards. But there are many casinos out there, that let you play free bonus cash on different table games and slot titles, and these aren’t just any random games, they are the most popular games in the casino.

Bonus amount

Apart from winning games in a casino, bonuses are another incentive why we love to keep playing different games. Along with the amount of the bonus, also understand the different types of bonuses offered by the online casinos. This will help you strategize better and know where to place your bets to get the most returns.

Casinos offer bonuses to both new and older players, it’s just that the requirements for each are different. If you are a new customer, you are eligible for bonuses in addition to your deposit amount. To access this bonus, you have to claim another bonus – it is a series of actions you have to take before you can finally withdraw the bonus amount.

Different bonuses function differently, have different terms and conditions, and offer different amounts. Study all of it well before you choose to settle for the best deal.

Questions & Answers about Casino bonuses

How do online casinos with no deposit bonuses work?

Once you sign up on an online casino, you are eligible for the no deposit bonus. It comes with a specified amount as well as time duration. To win the bonus, you have to complete the playthrough only after which the bonus cash is cleared and available for withdrawal. The playthrough is nothing but the minimum wagering requirement and is in place so that players do not instantly withdraw the bonus money the minute they sign up on a casino.

What are playthrough requirements?

Different online casinos have different play-through requirements. Some offer one-time playthroughs (the best type of playthrough!). All the playthroughs come with a set of terms and conditions, to ensure they are not abused by players in any way. Some of these conditions include – depositing a token amount before you withdraw any free-play winnings. Sometimes, you may also have a restriction on the amount you can win.

Just because you see a bonus flashing in front of your eyes, doesn’t mean you sign up for it right away. Read the fine print – that’s the best way to know how the bonus works, and what you need to do to win the bonus smartly.

How do casino bonuses work?

You immediately become eligible for casino bonuses the minute you sign up on an online casino. Other situations where you get bonuses are when you deposit money or place bets in an online casino. To access all these bonuses, you have to fulfill certain criteria, like wagering requirements, after which you can withdraw the bonus.

Bonuses keep you hooked to the game – because you have to reach a certain number of wins, or points to receive the bonus in your account. Bonuses come with many riders and are quite restrictive, but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with them. As restrictive as they may be, they are also a great opportunity to win some extra money.

Other Casino Promotions

Apart from bonuses, casinos have other types of promotions, which they use as a marketing tool to attract and retain customers. These promotions include giving players a specific amount of commission or a percentage of their winning games. Some casinos also offer vouchers or casino coupons, which you can redeem while playing other games at the online casino.

Sometimes casinos also allow you to wager real money without completing the wagering procedure. These types of processes come with a time limit.

These promotions are widely used by individuals as well as groups of players to make some extra money as they place their bets. To access these promotional offers, most casinos require you to submit your credit card details.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is nothing but a reward to players for signing up on an online casino site. The bonuses come in different forms and can be accessed after completing specific requirements. Bonuses work as a great incentive to keep people hooked to casinos, as they have to keep playing to become eligible for different bonuses and withdraw them. Apart from being a good marketing tool, bonuses are the casino’s way of expressing gratitude to their loyal patrons too.

Can you withdraw the bonus balance?

If a bonus is non-cashable, you cannot withdraw it when you claim your winnings. If the bonus is cashable, you can very well withdraw it along with your winnings. Do note that you cannot withdraw your winnings the moment the bonus appears in your account – you have to fulfill the specific requirements before you become eligible to withdraw the bonus.

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

Yes, totally! We all love perks and bonuses are the best kinds of perks. Just keep in mind that you need to read the terms and conditions well before you access any bonus – once you are done with this, you can easily fulfill the criteria and win the bonus amounts.

What does wager mean in online casinos?

In simple words, a wager is a ‘bet.’ It refers to the amount of money at stake for each hand of cards, spin, or reels. It is also the amount of money you bet overall, in a specific time period or session. Wagers are important as they are an obstacle you have to cross to get access to different types of bonuses.

How often can I receive casino bonuses?

To acquire bonuses at online casinos, you need to fill up a promotion or bonus code at the time of depositing the amount, or while registering a new account. In some casinos, you have to contact the support team to get the bonus code, in order to claim the bonus. Once you fulfill all the criteria to become eligible for the bonus, you are free to withdraw the bonus along with your winnings.

Where can I find Free Spins?

If you have been awarded free spins, they will appear in your profile in the online casino. If you have used a promotional code on registration, your free spins will be available for use only when you fulfill all the criteria. To know more about the criteria to access the free spins, always read the terms and conditions.



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