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Paytm is an easy-to-use e-wallet and one of the most popular payment modes in India. It has a wide range of applications. Paytm’s popularity shot up after demonetization in India, and since then, there has been no turning back for this e-wallet.

Thanks to its features and quick transfer speed, Paytm is also a popular payment mode at various online casinos. It is one of the most convenient and practical banking methods, and it perfectly caters to what Indian casino-goers want – a simple, safe and seamless mode of payment.

Best Indian casinos that accept Paytm 2021

Almost every Indian casino has listed Paytm as a payment method because of its popularity and unique features. Setting up the app is easy. So is syncing it with your casino account and, ultimately, using it.

What Makes Paytm the Best Payment Method for Online Gambling?

Paytm is like an Indian version of PayPal and offers just as simple and seamless payment transfer mechanisms. It is India’s largest mobile payment group and has been a trusted e-wallet company since 2010. Apart from its user-friendly interface and fast mobile operation. Let’s have a look at some other features that make Paytm the best payment method for online casinos:

Secure and Safe

Paytm allows you to make secure deposits and withdrawals. You can quickly add money to your casino account using Paytm. Withdrawing all your bonuses and winning amounts, too, is effortless with Paytm.

For any online casino to accept Paytm as a valid payment method, it has to prove that it has all essential security measures in place, along with licenses from regulatory bodies. Paytm has made it through these checks, which makes it a secure and safe mode of payment.

Welcome Bonuses

When we sign up for an online casino, we look forward to the fantastic bonuses and perks. If you choose Paytm as your payment method, you’ll get access to amazing welcome bonuses. Now that’s quite an incentive, especially if you are a newbie in the world of online gambling.

When you sign up for any of the best Paytm casino sites, you’re sure to get a generous amount of welcome bonus. The bonus comes in two forms – either a deposit bonus (cashback) or a free spins bonus. Either way, you’re the one benefitting – so make the most of it!

No Additional Fees

Paytm does not impose any fees every time you deposit or withdraw amounts from your online casino account. However, charges may be levied on you by your bank if its policies state so. In addition, banks make money off transfer and transaction costs. So you might end up paying some of these costs – even if Paytm does not charge them directly.

Instant Transfers

Paytm, one of the best payment methods is the first platform to bring the ‘instant transfer method’ to India. So irrespective of the online casino you choose, simply opting for Paytm as your payment method would make transactions a lot easier.

You’ll be surprised to see the money on your Paytm or casino wallet the moment you process a deposit or withdrawal transaction.

Customer Support

Paytm has an excellent support system team that’s all ready to assist customers. They also have an elaborate list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for easy reference, especially if you are a newbie.

If you cannot find an FAQ relevant to your query, you can always consider reaching out to Paytm’s support agents. They’ll help you figure out and resolve your issue at the earliest.

How to Deposit Money on Casinos with Paytm

Paytm uses Verisign-certified 128-bit encryption technology – which means that the secret key used in transactions is a sequence of 128 bits. It does not give out anything related to your private data or even the length of your password. The DSS-certified platform does not store credit card data in an unencrypted format either.

Now that you know that Paytm is a secure and safe platform, let’s run you through how you can sign up on this platform:

Install and Setup the App on Your Smartphone

Once you complete the installation, you have to sign up on the app using your valid email address. After you confirm your email ID, you can log into your Paytm account. Then, you can add funds to your Paytm account via net banking, debit or credit cards, or IMPS too.

Link the App to Your Online Casino Wallet

Log into your casino account and select Paytm from the list of deposit options. Enter the amount you wish to add to the deposit and enter your Paytm wallet ID too. Click send, and your transfer will get instantly processed.

How to Withdraw Money from Casino Sites with Paytm

Once you have secured winnings and bonus amounts in your casino account, you can proceed to withdraw the same if you wish to. All you have to do is go to the casino withdrawal page and select Paytm as your withdrawal method.

This method will work only if you have linked your Paytm account to the casino by depositing money in it. If it’s linked, well and good – you can then click on ‘withdraw.’ Your amount will be then transferred from your casino account to your Paytm wallet within Paytm’s withdrawal time frame. The minimum withdrawal limit on Paytm is ₹100, and the upper limit is ₹5000.

Deposit & Withdrawal Times

Deposits are processed instantly, which means any amount transferred would reflect in your casino account immediately. Withdrawals, on the other hand, may take between 24 to 48 hours to process.

Indian Banks that Accept Paytm

Almost all top banks in India accept Paytm, which explains why the app is so popular here. The State Bank of India, HSBC Bank, Bank of India, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Standard Chartered, Union Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra are some of the top banks which accept Paytm.

Which bank should I choose to connect to my Paytm account?

Any bank account that’s compatible with Paytm would work just as great. All you have to do is link the bank account to your Paytm wallet and eliminate the otherwise tedious money transfer process. Once you link your Paytm account to your bank account, you wouldn’t require an account number and the IFSC code every time you wish to transfer money across.

Check the list of the banks that accept Paytm, and link your accounts. Irrespective of the bank account, you will get the same level of service from Paytm. Moreover, while banks are closed on national holidays, you can still carry out transitions via Paytm. And you wouldn’t have to wait until another day to set the transfer into motion.

Setting up Paytm for Online Casino Gambling

We’re sure by now that you, too, are convinced that Paytm is a great payment option for online gambling. So we’ll now be telling you how to set up your Paytm account for online gambling.

Paytm is compatible with all leading banks in India. This makes it very easy for almost everyone to sign up on Paytm with their existing bank accounts. Along with bank accounts, you can also transfer money via debit and credit cards.

But before you go ahead with the transfer, you have to first register and create an account on Paytm. For this, you would require an active phone number and work email ID. You would also have to go through the account verification process, which is mandatory to increase the limit of transactions.

Once your Paytm account is set up and got to go, head to your casino account and select Paytm as a deposit option. Then, fill in the required details, transfer the amount and gamble online!

Factors to consider when choosing a Paytm Casino

Some of the essential factors you would need to consider when choosing the best Paytm casinos are:


Always check the reviews of multiple online casinos before you finally find the one that is safe, secure, and seamless all at once. Online gambling is fun only when you choose a website that is secure and offers a great user interface. Reviews help best to gauge the online casino before you settle for it.

Licensed Website

A licensed website would display its license at a prominent location on the page to make it easier for you to identify. Online casino websites don’t get licenses unless they follow a set of protocols and regulations. So if your website is licensed, you know that it complies with all the requirements.

Variety of Games

Just because a casino offers multiple payment options and a good user interface does not make it great. You need to check out the variety of games it provides too. After all, we’re also here for the fun and games.

Bonuses and Offers

A good casino will always offer excellent bonuses and rewards, so watch out for these perks too! Bonuses and rewards work well as incentives, motivating you to put your best foot down and grab the winning amounts. However, do remember to read the terms and conditions before you begin playing.


Which bank should I choose to connect to my Paytm account?

Almost all top banks in India are compatible with Paytm. So if you already have an account in any of them, you can go ahead and link the account to your registered Paytm account. Once done with the process, you are free to use the Paytm account for online gambling.

Will I be charged fees by Paytm?

No, you would not be charged anything by Paytm for any of your deposit or withdrawal transactions. However, if it’s part of the bank policy, the bank would charge you a small transaction fee for processing such transactions.

Is 2FA available for Paytm payments?

No, 2FA is currently not available for Paytm payments. You can use biometric data to verify your transactions, but you will still be required to authorize every transaction through the app.

Can you be online at a Paytm online casino?

Yes, of course! More than 100 million users have downloaded the Paytm app, and many of them use Paytm for online gambling. Placing bets has never been simpler, thanks to this fantastic app and the user-friendly features it offers.

Is gambling online using Paytm safe?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the authority that regulates e-wallets and non-banking payment mechanisms. Paytm is authorized by the RBI, which means it is a safe payment gateway for online gambling.

Also, Paytm uses SSL encryption and real-time monitoring to provide a smooth and private transaction process every time you deposit or withdraw an amount using Paytm. This helps to secure data and prevent its misuse and theft.

Is Paytm KYC necessary to deposit at online casino websites?

Yes, you have to mandatorily complete the KYC registration process before carrying out any deposits using Paytm. This is because the KYC process helps verify the customer. Without KYC, your wallet balance will be restricted to 10000 INR only.

What is the minimum deposit amount at Paytm casinos?

The minimum deposit amount at Paytm is ₹70, which makes it suitable for low rollers.

What are alternatives to Paytm at online casinos?

While Paytm is the most widely used payment app on online casinos, you can also use other apps like Google Pay and PhonePe. Just like Paytm, these apps are safe, secure, and authorized by regulating bodies.

The best part about the UPI payment modes is that you won’t have to share your bank details directly with the online casino. Instead, put in your UPI ID, and you can get started with gambling.

To begin, you have to download any of these apps on your smartphone, link them to your bank account and then use them to transfer money in your casino account.



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