Best Mobile Casinos in India 2021

Online casinos have come a long way and are still witnessing dramatic changes with the daily arrival of new games, easy and quick payment methods, and more user-friendly interfaces. However, as users, the most profitable addition in the domain of online casinos is the evolution of game on-the-go type of casinos, i.e., Mobile Casinos.

Mobile casinos have become the favourite gaming mode for players who like to enjoy their gambling without getting hooked to a laptop or PC screen. These smart casino apps allow you to play all sorts of casino games on your smartphones and have unlimited fun almost anywhere. The best news for Indian players in this regard is that mobile casinos are available in India and offering some unprecedented features specially designed for Indian users.

In this best mobile casinos in India guide, we will discuss the top features and benefits of mobile casinos along with every piece of information that you need to start gambling in mobile casinos. Let’s get started.

Why Choose a Mobile Casino? Desktop Vs Mobile Casinos

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that India is a country of smartphones. According to estimates, India possesses more than 400 million smartphone users and ranks 2nd in the whole world just after China. It is apparent from these stats that Indians love to explore their entertainment on their smartphones and thus, the availability of mobile casinos is a huge advantage for Indian players.

These casino apps allow Indian gamblers to win real cash with the help of their smartphones. Plus, they let Indian players make all the transactions in their preferred mode of payments in INR (Indian National Rupee).

However, the perks of mobile casinos in India aren’t limited to their convenience and portability. Along with the liberty of playing on the go, mobile casinos offer you loads of other privileges that you cannot get from desktop sites.

Here is a list of a few significant advantages of mobile casinos in India –

Play Anywhere/Ease of Usage

The best part about mobile casinos is they allow you to enjoy your favourite games almost anywhere. With these innovative gaming apps, you don’t have to stay seated in front of your PC or laptop’s screen to enjoy casino anymore. Rather, you can play casino and win real money from your convenient location like your bed, couch, a boring party, or while you are commuting from the office.

Mobile casinos are invented to provide users with an easy-to-use interface and deliver every feature at their fingertips. Hence, they are already more user-friendly than their desktop versions.

Plus, many mobile casinos do not have desktop versions and are fully functional on mobile phones. In this way, they offer you special features dedicated only to smartphone users.

Instant Transactions via UPI or Cards

Most Indian players use their smartphones for online transactions and mobile casinos make it way handier for you to deposit or withdraw your winnings to your bank account.

If you use any medium of digital transactions be it UPI or debit cards, making all those transactions via a smartphone becomes automatically much faster than a web browser casino. You can enter your details on one side and accept the payment request on the other, resulting in the fastest possible transactions.

Regular Notifications

Another obvious advantage of playing a mobile casino is the instant notifications from the gambling app. App notification pop-ups don’t let you miss any exciting news or modification in the app or your account.

With mobile casino apps, you stay updated will all the activities happening in your casino account, be it a new jackpot, your withdrawal request updates, settling wager of games, updates on new games, or anything that needs your immediate attention.

Regular App Updates

Mobile casino apps, just like other mobile applications keep receiving the latest updates to provide a better user experience.

If you continue playing mobile casino games, you keep getting new app updates for the latest games, better interface, and so on.


Gone are the days when you had to travel to another country, carry a bagful of money to a casino for gambling. With these smart mobile casino apps, all you need is a smartphone and an active internet connection and you can win a fortune for yourself.

Mobile casinos games become really helpful if you don’t own a laptop/computer. According to reports, only 23% of urban Indian and 4% of the rural population has access to computers, compared to more than 50% of the population owning smartphones. This huge divide in numbers is a contributing factor to the popularity of mobile casinos in India.

With an easily available smartphone, most of the Indian population can access the territory of online casinos and discover a new world of entertainment and money.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Mobile casino apps offer their users a lot of attractive bonuses and rewards. These rewards and bonuses are another reasons why mobile casinos are gaining huge popularity among the Indian masses.

If you are a new casino user, then here are a few types of bonuses that you get after signing up on a mobile casino –

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is the first reward you receive when you register on a mobile casino. It may come in the form of a money bonus, some free spins, a no deposit bonus, or an attractive mix of all of these. These welcome bonuses are either added to your first deposit or stay as a separate entity for your future gaming.

If you are signing up from India, you might gain special discounts and bonuses after downloading the app from a special link or after paying your first deposit through a particular method of payment.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is a special bonus that you win without making any real deposit into your gambling account. These bonuses are awarded by mobile casinos to get more players or to reward their loyal customers.

You can get some money to play further games, or free spins as your no deposit bonus. Once you win some real cash using this bonus, you might have to make a real deposit to withdraw all your winnings.

Special Bonuses for Mobile Players

One of the biggest reasons why mobile casino apps are an exciting gambling platform is the special bonuses for mobile players. You might not find these bonuses on the desktop version of the same casino but easily receive them using a mobile app.

These special bonuses are rewarded to registered mobile users and you can find them via newsletters or pop-up notifications from the app especially after a reboot or redesign in the application.

What to look for in the Best Mobile Casinos in India?

The Indian casino market is booming with the latest mobile casino applications, offering juicy bonuses, rewards and claiming to be the best mobile casinos in India. However, if you want to experience a healthy gambling session from the convenience of your smartphones, it is recommendable that you examine the below-given points about the casino before making your first deposit –

1. Licence

A gambling license is the first thing to consider even before you think about signing up in a particular casino. A license is proof of the casino’s legal operations and ensures that the casino follows the requisite procedures regarding the safety and privacy of its customers.

So, whenever you approach an online casino in India, make sure that it has a valid gambling license from a prestigious gambling regulatory authority such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Government of Curacao.

Secondly, always remember that the license is issued to the company that operates the casino, and not the casino brand itself. Plus, it is a general license that covers all gambling operations of the company and you don’t have to find a particular license for a mobile app or mobile version.

2. Easy Navigation

Hassle-free navigation is a fundamental condition for a casino to be called a great mobile casino. If the site offers tons of games but users cannot navigate through its options in a go, it is not going to build a loyal customers base.

That’s why it is important for the casino to feature a smart and easy user interface that can be easily operated by any internet user. Plus, it must offer an uncomplicated registration process along with smooth and visible widgets to ensure faster communication.

Similarly, the casino should maintain that the app loads as fast as possible and the games available in the arena are quick to load and compatible with all mobile devices.

3. Games

For qualifying as a great mobile casino, a mobile casino app must possess a wide selection of games. After all, the main purpose of an online casino is unlimited entertainment.

So, whenever you try a new mobile casino, make sure that it comes with a huge library of games. Along with the traditional casino games, the app must offer hundreds of the latest casino games like live games, action games, etc. that can be easily played on a smartphone. This combination of mixed games will let you enjoy the casino for a longer period and break the unwanted monotony.

3. Welcome Bonus

As already discussed, a welcome bonus is the most appealing part of a casino app. Hence, if you are selecting a casino for your upcoming gambling ventures, make sure that it offers lucrative welcome bonuses and promises other sorts of rewards to its users in the future.

4. Security

Security is the next most essential requirement of a casino as the whole casino enterprise is a matter of the user’s money and personal information.

Therefore, the casino must ensure fast and secure transactions and guarantee the safety of users’ data and personal information.

5. Software Backup

An attractive interface isn’t the guarantee of an excellent gaming experience as the main support of gaming is the software providers.

So, whenever you are approaching an online casino, ensure that it features reputable and trustworthy gaming providers on its list. Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, PragmaticPlay, IGT, and Playtech are some of the most reliable software brands in the market.

6. Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods of an online casino define its ease in operations and overall functionality. For Indian players, the casino must offer withdrawal options preferred by Indian players such as debit cards, e-wallets, UPI, and bank transfer casinos payment in the form of INR or Indian National Rupees.

Hence, it is suggested that you notice all the payment options served by the casino before signing up.

7. Customer Service

The last but the most crucial aspect of an excellent mobile casino is its customer service.

As a new user, it is natural for you to face challenges or have some queries regarding games, transactions, or anything else. At such moments, the customer support of the casino becomes the most helpful element that solves all your issues.

How to play Mobile Casino games?

If you are ready to try unlimited gaming and winning experience, then here is a step-by-step guide to playing mobile casino games in India –

Step 1: Find the Best Mobile Casino

The first step is selecting the right casino from a never-ending list of online casino apps available on mobile. For that purpose, you can check our reviews, choose one that offers a wide selection of games and features excellent service policies. After ensuring proper legality, withdrawal methods, and good customer support, you can proceed to the second step.

Step 2: Set Up A Casino Account

After you have checked the relevant reviews and finalized your casino, the first step to start your journey is setting up a casino account.

For this purpose, you can simply download the mobile casino application on your device and register your account. The application will ask for your primary details such as your email id, contact number, etc. and once the basic verification is done, your account will be registered.

Step 3: Fund Your Account

The next move is to deposit some money into your casino wallet. This is the money that you will use for playing games in the future and win real money.

For depositing the money, all you have to do is go to the deposit section, select the sum you want to add, choose your mode of payment such as debit card or UPI and confirm the payment request. Once the request is confirmed, you will get a notification and the amount will be transferred to your casino wallet.

If you are playing for the first time, we recommend you deposit the minimum deposit value of the casino, and only after you get some in-hand experience, you should go further and deposit more. Plus, many apps let you play games for free using the welcome bonus but demand a deposit to withdraw your winnings.

Step 4: Collect Your Bonus

Here is the most fun step of all. With a new account on a mobile casino app, you will surely get some welcome bonus and it is the right time to collect all of those rewards and increase your winning potential.

These bonuses can be cash or free spins that you can utilize to start gaming. If you are a first-time player, these bonuses will help you in learning the basics of the game without paying much or any money at all.

Step 5: Play Your Favorite Games

Your account is ready! Now all you have to do is explore the game selection of the app, play your favourite casino games and win some real cash.

Popular Mobile Casino Games

If you are a first-time casino user and eager to know what exciting games you will be able to play in a mobile casino then here are some of the most popular casino games for you –


Poker is one of the traditional casino games that you must have heard of. It comes in the family of card games and to win the game, the players have to wager over which hand is the best according to that specific game’s rules.


Blackjack is a classic comparing card game where players do not compete against each other and rather competes against the dealer.


Roulette is one of the most famous casino games of all named after that little wheel used in gaming. In this game, a croupier spins a wheel in one direction and spins a ball in the opposite direction around a tilted circular track running around the outer edge of the wheel.

The players may choose to place bets on several aspects such as either a single number or various groupings of numbers, the colours red or black, the number is odd or even, or even if the numbers are high or low.


If you fancy trying your luck in lotteries, then Keno is going to be your game. It is a lottery-like betting game where players wager by choosing numbers ranging from 1 through 80. After all the players have made their wagers, 20 (or few) numbers are drawn at random, and awards are given to the winners.


Craps is an interesting gambling game that includes just two dice. A throw of 7 or 11 is a winning throw, whereas a 2, 3, or 12 is a losing throw.

Final Words

This was our guide to the best mobile casinos in India and we hope you find all the information useful.

To sum up, mobile casino apps are definitely an excellent platform for gamblers who want to enjoy casino gaming according to their convenience. Without getting pinned to one place, players can explore the endless fun of real-life casinos on their smartphones.

If you also want to experience modern casinos on your smartphone, go download your favourite online casino, now!


1. Is it legal to play mobile casino games in India?

Yes, it is completely legal to play mobile casinos in India. Indian states’ laws might not allow real casinos to operate in some states but it is legal to play online casino games based in foreign countries.

2. How to add money to a mobile casino app?

To add money to a mobile casino app, you have to go to the cashier section of the app or simply find the deposit section in the application. Next, you have to fill the amount you want to deposit to your casino wallet and select your mode of payment such as UPI, Debit Card, etc.

Once you have selected the mode of payment, you can continue the transaction just like you make your other online transactions such as filling the OTP in case of Debit cards or accepting payment requests in case of UPI applications. Once you confirm the transaction, you will receive a success notification and the money will be added to your casino wallet.

3. Is it legal to withdraw money in an online casino?

Yes, it is fully legal to withdraw money from an online casino app. You can select your preferred mode of transaction and get the money directly transferred to your bank account.

4. Are Mobile Casinos Safe to Play?

Mobile casinos that have a legal license from reputed gaming authorities and are regulated by their terms and conditions are fully safe to play in India. These casinos also possess secure encryption and security protocols including SSL so that your personal data remains safe and away from third parties.

Many mobile casino apps also confirm your identity at withdrawals so that your money can safely reach you.

5. Is it safe to play Mobile Casinos at Public Wifis in India?

Public Wifi networks are one of the biggest contributors to data theft and privacy hacking in the world. Therefore, we suggest that you should never log in to a public wifi network unless you are absolutely sure about its security. Plus, even if you have logged in, do not share any personal information with such a WiFi network.

6. What is an eCOGRA certificate?

eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) certificate is a certification awarded to legitimate casinos by an independent auditory body, eCOGRA. It is a London-based internationally approved testing agency and player protection and standards organization.

This highly esteemed certificate ensures that all games in the casino are fair and produce random outcomes. In short, it is a guarantee that you will face fair treatment in the casino.



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